Reawaken the runner within


People have been running for over 500,000 years. It’s hard wired into our being. When groups of homo-sapiens began hunting they walked and ran in search of prey. Anthropologists surmise our ancestors chased animals, keeping them running until the beast collapsed from overheating and exhaustion. We have the ability to sweat in order to regulate our temperature which means we can keep running for hours.

You come from a long line of very efficient runners. All we have to do is reawaken this innate ability.

So why don’t you run efficiently?

We have discovered the delights of sitting in chairs. How many hours do you spend sitting each day? How do you sit at your computer? Ask any physio and they will tell you how sitting, barely moving for hours at a time causes many of the problems their clients present for fixing. Notice how you work at your desk. Is your back straight? Do you lean to one side as you manipulate your mouse? How does you head hang while you stare at a screen? Where do you have tension/ aches and pains in your body? How often do you get up and move? What range of movement do you use when you do move?

You practice bad posture relentlessly, whereas your running ancestors practiced being mobile from dawn to dusk.

These efficient runner sessions are designed to make you more aware of how your body is genetically programmed to run.

4 principles of efficient running

Switch on your neuro-muscular systems

Your brain has all the neural pathways needed to make you run for hours. Your facia (connecting tissue), lymphatic system, muscles, tendons, and nervous system need more attention than we normally give them. Some simple activities to switch on these systems before each run will make you run better and generally move more easily.

Move your body effectively

Notice how people walk or run. Many look ungainly. We want you to notice how you move, then you can experiment to find your most efficient way to run. Surprisingly, a few adjustments will make your running easier. Within everyone there is a beautiful runner

Breathe. Use oxygen more efficiently

How often do you train your breathing systems? What if you could breathe better? You can strengthen your diaphragm and intercostal muscles to help the mechanics of breathing. You can become better at utilising the oxygen you breath. Elite athletes head for the mountains to benefit from altitude training. You can do this very easily without the expense of a trip to the Alps


They sometimes call this mindfulness or flow. This is not easy to achieve. However, with some simple techniques which you can adopt on your training runs you can understand the mindset needed to run efficiently.

Most important

Everyone is different. You may be a fast runner, a competent runner, or someone who would like to run but … More efficient running is available to everyone. If you know how to look for it.

HTC Efficient Runner Sessions are free. Leeds Road athletics track 6:30 -7:30 Wednesday. All welcome.

HTC Coach Dave Bradley.

BT Level 3 Triathlon Coach. Training Peaks Level 2 Coach.

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